Luffa Pieces

Luffa Pieces

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One gallon zip lock bag full of luffa pieces. Works great as versatile smaller scrubbers. Also for artwork, cat chews, aquarium filters and single use disposable scrubbers for general cleaning including grease and paint etc.

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Kristine Konrad
Perfect for painting with milk paint or other sustainable paints

I brought the bag of pieces because I thought the small pieces would be a good replacement for the Scotch-Brite scouring pads many use for cleaning and oiling windows/furniture. I use tung oil and linseed oil for oiling wood, and linseed oil based paint, milk paint and clay paint, all of which are biodegradable, but I would still have to throw away the used green pads because they aren't. I don't necessarily paint with the pads, but I still use them to smooth out rough areas.

But the little luffa pads work! I was a little worried they'd leave little bits of matter, but they don't, and they are just as good as a green pad at scrubbing and light sanding. I haven't used up one yet, but it will be very nice to throw it into my green waste.

And if you only wanted to buy one thing to try out the luffa pads, this bag of small pieces is an affordable way to try them out for different purposes to see if they work for you. I gave two of the larger pieces to my son and girlfriend to try out in the shower, and I could have easily used another pieces to try out for dishwashing (I brought the 5 and 7 inch ones for that).

Really happy I discovered this site, thank you!

Great value

Awesome value, high quality as always

Absolutely The Best!!

These luffas are so much better… way much better than those in the store! All Natural, Softer and Cleaner!! I will purchase ALL of my luffas from this business. I am done with stores. No more sponges either!

Liz G

Nice size bag of big ol' pieces! Very satisfied with my order.