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Luffa Sponges

What makes our luffa sponges special?

These Luffa sponges when wet are naturally soft and supreme when it comes to exfoliation of the skin. Along with being very durable, they are 100% biodegradable, natural farm grown sponges that are prepared by hand in Reedley, Central Valley California. These are NOT the hard chemically treated cheap foreign grown sponges you find in most stores and online. The Luffa sponges we grow are very unique and by far the best you will ever encounter. Please rinse them in warm water before use and the luxuriousness of the Luffa will unfold in your hand.

Since these Luffas are all natural, you may notice that a Luffa's color can be from light brown to off-white. Because they are NOT bleached, a Luffa will probably have discoloration in areas or even a seed or two. This is perfectly normal and will not affect the performance of the sponge.

Although they are incredible in the bath or shower, there are many uses for these durable Luffa sponges. They are great for washing dishes, windows, laminate floors, baseboards, sinks, granite and tile counter tops. I'm sure you can imagine a great many more uses for these amazing sponges!

You can cut these sponges while wet with scissors, or when dry, with a smooth edge butcher's knife to any size.

 On a personal note: My wife and I have used one 7" Luffa Sponge for an entire year of washing dishes until we retired it into the bottom of one of our newly potted plants. Here is a picture after one whole year of use! A little rough around the edges, but still useful. We did cleanse it regularly and sometimes threw it in the washing machine with our dishtowels. Air dry it only!